Living with

Cystic Fibrosis

Living Longer and Healthier


More and more people are living longer, healthier lives with cystic fibrosis (CF).  The evidence of this is clear in that more than 45 percent of the CF patient population is now age 18 or older.  The average life expectancy is now well into 30's and growing.



Adding Years


The mission is clear. The Foundation’s efforts to help the approximate 30,000 American's  with cystic fibrosis will not cease until we have a cure.  The daily challenges for those living with CF are burdensome yet very different from even just a few years ago. The length and quality of life is improved and still improving.



Hopes and Dreams


In the 1950's, children diagnosed with CF weren't expected to live long enough to go to grade school. Those with CF are now planning their college educations, careers, weddings and their futures. Watch these inspirational videos of those with CF as they share their hopes and dreams.

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