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- Float For A Cure Headliners-

- GB Leighton -

More than 200 shows a year. Jubilant fans who follow him from Minnesota to Mexico. More than 70,000 albums sold. A new release “Get Up” and a state-of-the-art nightclub named after one of his songs -- all without the support of a major record label…

Meet GB Leighton, a band named after one of the regions’ most incendiary live performers and consistently solid songwriters, Brian Leighton. Through more than a decade and eleven studio albums, Leighton and his six piece band have been tearing up rock clubs, festivals and even a few fan’s living rooms with a slew of songs that connect with the heart and couples singing along out on the dance floor. “A man of the people” is a phrase usually reserved for statesmen and politicians, but for Leighton, it’s a fitting description when you see him in action working a crowd.

Where have we seen this phenomena before? Springsteen in Asbury Park before he lit out for New York and the wider world; Mellencamp back in those anonymous Indiana bars; Hootie and the Blowfish lightin’ up the southern circuit…Leighton delivers that same inescapable rock ‘n’ roll spirit night after night. “If I hadn’t heard a bunch of Bruce’s bootlegs or seen the videos I’d be a much different musician,” he says today. “He’s always been a great songwriter and performer, like a preacher almost who commands an audience. That’s the place I’m coming from. But at the end of the day, I’m just a common guy, a working class kid from a Twin Cities suburb who loves to put on a good show and hopefully write some good songs in between.”

When approached to have a first-class, high-tech nightclub – not far from his house in New Brighton - named after a song his first album, “Pickle Park”, Leighton was in. Not since Prince opened Glam Slam in downtown Minneapolis has any Minnesota musician opened a club where fans can expect to see a hometown rocker and his band play live and hang out “to catch a Vike’s game or just kick back”. He adds, “It’s another way to keep fans happy and to share a space with them. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and when club owners Tom Tomaro and Mike Tupa approached me about the idea, I was all over it.”

Leighton makes his national country debut with “Get Up”, his eleventh album. For Leighton, who was also recently honored by Billboard.com as a Top 10 Country Artist to Watch in 2014 as well, this project is something his fans of all ages and interests can enjoy. Leighton’s music has clearly left a lasting impression in the Midwest as fans have inked themselves with his lyrics.

“This is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I don’t see stopping or changing it up no matter where it takes me and the band.”

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- Audio Circus -

Audio Circus is a female-fronted live music band. Whether it's pop, country, or rock, Audio Circus plays something for everyone and brings an energetic stage show performance that leaves crowds texting their friends to come and check out this band!

The band is a diverse group of musicians from popular local and national cover and tribute bands that have entertained crowds across the country throughout their careers. They are quality players with experience, great looks, and the desire to have fun! As a result they bring an exciting edge to their music that is unlike anything you've ever heard or seen!

Audio Circus brings their big top thrills to music venues near you and thrives for the live shows. Be sure to follow them on here so you are ready when the Circus comes to your town!

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- Chris Lopez Magic-

Chris has been performing since 1998 and has performed numerous corporate and high-end companies for the past 10 years. Chris is a international award-winning magician, and performing member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle). He was inducted into the Academy of Magi Arts (Magic Castle) in 2012 and has become a frequent performer for the weekend brunch shows. He has quickly become the most awarded magician in Central California, becoming the only American to win three gold medals three years in a row in addition to winning sever International medals within the last four years. Throughout his career Chis has performed on multiple television radio commercials and specials. He has produced several successful sould out magic shows titled "the Festival of Magic". He has entertained in multiple countries around the world and has entertained in the presents of such celebrities as Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Jon Lovitz, and Danny Trejo.

2013 - Silver Medals in Comedy & Children's
2015 - Gold Medal in Children's & Silver in Comedy
2016 - Gold Medal in Children's & Silver in Comedy
2017 - Gold Medal in Children's & Silver in Comedy

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